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Young One's Page

On this page, you will find poems and stories that my young one has written, information about what interests the young one.( 9 years old).

My Pet
My pet is wet and tie-died green,
when he's underwater he can rarely be seen.
His neck is red in a couple of places,
and he's got the most unusual of all pet faces.
He's not a lizard or a sugar glider,
why, he's my pet turtle whose name is slider!
I have a turtle that I can hold,
and now my story is all told.

The First Christmas
Oh, praise God for He is here
Angels from Heaven are near.
Jesus is born.
They shall trumpet the horn,
To the newborn King,
The Angels from Heaven shall sing.

Some of my Favorite Links

Kid Explorers

Wired Kidz is a site that teaches children to navigate the internet safely.  There are activities for kids there and it is evolving as we speak.  Check back regularly tto see what's new.  

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