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Design set for sale
Here is my first design set for sale.  Please read the following information then proceed at the bottom to see the remainder of the designs.

As I said this is my first design set for sale.  All the artwork is copyrighted by ET designs.  These designs are not to be passed on to anyone else, the purchaser can use the designs for embroidery on personal items or items for sale.  These designs are not to be sold or shared by the purchaser.

I'm not a professional digitizer, just a hobbiest, who hopes to support my habit by selling a few designs and be able to pay my artist for her talents.  These designs are all done in the .pes format.  If I was to sell enough to afford Buzz Tools or another conversion program I would gladly convert to other formats, but I don't have that capability right now.  All designs are in the 4 x 4 size, feel free to resize if needed.  These designs are all done in Design Center, so if you're looking for no jump stitches, don't look here.  I've tried to keep them to a minimum, but there are still some.  

I recommend using an iron on stabilizer large enough to hoop with your design, the pictures are the actual scans of my tests stitches, so you can see how the designs are capable of stitching.

There is no warranty expressed or implied.  I take no responsibility for the way the designs stitch on your project.  Always test stitch first on a material similar to that of your project.  There are so many variables in  machine embroidery that you must take responsibility for how your project turns out.

There are 14 original drawings, made into 24 seperate designs.  I'm asking $20 for the set or $2 for each individual design.  If you would like to order please e-mail me and let me know you'll be sending a check or money order.  I understand that Yahoo sometime drops e-mail so if you don't hear back from me in a few days, e-mail again.  Be sure to write your e-mail address on the memo of the check or money order and I will e-mail the zipped .pes files to you. If I were to get several requests, I would consider signing up for PayPal, just hate to not knowing whether I would need it or not, so let me know.

After reading this if you're still interested in purchasing the designs, please proceed.

Yes, I want to see the animals!

ÓAll pictures, designs  and artwork are the property of ET Designs or Zazzy Embroidery

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