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Noah's Ark Design Set
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There are 14 original drawings, made into 24 seperate designs.  The single zebra design and the giraffe design are made to have fringed tailes and zebra's mane is also fringed.  There will be a text file explaining how to do this with the zipped .pes files.   I'm asking $20 for the set or $2 for each individual design.  If you would like to order please e-mail me and let me know you'll be sending a check or money order.  I understand that Yahoo sometime drops e-mail so if you don't hear back from me in a few days, e-mail again.  Be sure to write your e-mail address on the memo of the check or money order and I will e-mail the zipped .pes files to you.  E-mail the following link and I'll e-mail you the snail mail address.

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