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Great Dane
In July 2001 we added to our family...a puppy.  A harlequin color great dane. She was born on Memorial day 2001, May 28.  She was six weeks old and very sweet when we brought her home.  We had her ears cropped and  I know that is a point of contention with lots of people, but the reason I choose to own a dane, is they have a great family personality, but they are not super accepting of outsiders, and with cropped ears they don't look like they are friendly. Besides my personal opinion is that they look very regal with cropped ears.  Don't know that I could do it again, but I'm not sorry I did this one.

Harelquin danes are white with black patches, torn looking patches not blanket looking or spotted. I hear, "What a big dalmation" a lot;-)

It turns out the puppy is very smart, quite possibly too smart for her own good, she is very active and very loving.  

We put her in puppy class to begin obedience training and she did very well.  The trainer was very excited to work with her, and the pup has learned to sit and down on command.  She has spent a lot of time out in the public learning to deal with other folks and other animals.

In February 2002, we put the pup into beginner obedience.  She is heeling on command and in a closed environment will even work off lead.  She has now attained her CGC certificate, which is "Canine Good Citizen" .  The certificate is attained by undergoing a series of 10 test that test whether your dog can behave properly in public.  You can learn more about the CGC program at the AKC website.

The pup is quite the snake dog, she has a rubber snake she plays with in the yard.  She loves to whip it around and throw it up.  We killed a snake in the water garden and couldn't get it out, the pup ran over and reached under the water, grabbed the snake out and took off running as fast as she could go around the yard, flinging the snake for all she was worth.  I'm not sure that is a good thing.


Royal Sooner Danes

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