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This is a Christmas tree skirt that I made from free designs that I got from The picture does not really show up well, but these designs stitch out great, they have a lot texture to them, with special fills. Thanks to Embroidery Designs by Carolyn for sharing them.

This is a vest I made from the Brother 29 card and some Criswell lace designs. I made shadow embroidery on the front panels with purple material behind. And used purple solar thread for the butterflies along the bottom. I hooped super solvy and used spray adhesive to stick the vest to it, then used another layer of super solvy on top.

This is what the vest looks like in the sun. I think it would have been better if I had used the purple solar thread for the embroidery on the body of the vest also, but I'll know next time.

This is a bag I made from fiberglass mesh material, like you would make window screens from. I embroidered fish designs on one side and our church name and VBS 2000 on the other. I used solvy on top and bottom and hooped the window screening. I gave one to each of my VBS students. They really liked them.
I got all of the fish designs free from

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