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Welcome to Zazzy Embroidery. I'm very new to web pages and fairly new to embroidery. This site is just beginning so not all of the pages are complete, some of those are future dreams.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit, please feel free to offer any suggestions you might have, but also remember this is my site and the suggestions may go unheeded.

I have been doing embroidery since October 1999. Right now I just have the Babylock Accent machine, but dream of the Brother 8500. On the projects page you can view pictures of a few of the  projects I have done. Hopefully I will have more up soon. I purchased my PE design in April, 2000, and have been teaching myself to digitize. I read a couple of different bulletin boards for help and suggestions, and have used the CD, PE-Design II CD book, by Loes van der Heijden, which I found very helpful.

I have a family, so I don't have tons of time to devote to digitizing and embroidery so progress might be a little slow, but check back, hopefully I'll get it in good shape soon.

I have other hobbies, and I will include information about those on other pages of this site. I raise a few exotic birds, hence the picture and the first free embroidery design. I have a water garden with lots of fish and plants, I home school, and I enjoy photography. Most, if not all of the photographs you'll find here were taken by me.

December 2000, My dear Husband purchased the ESE2 for me for Christmas.  I'm working on a very large project and I'll post pictures when it is done.

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